Capture Ideas on Paper, Convert to Text with E-Ink Tablet


Often in professional life, you encounter situations that make writing what is being said crucial. Writing with hand or typing the saying consumes a lot of time. This leads you to miss the important information because of no coping up. But you don’t need to worry anymore in this regard.

There is a device that can assist you better, called the E-ink tablet. It features an incredible feature of ASR, which allows you to convert the recording to text. This way, you don’t need to handwrite or type the statement. The ASR technology records every word and then converts it to text. It helps you save time that you will spend on manual writing.

Get more detail on this remarkable piece of innovation and find out why you should choose this device for professional assignments.

E-ink Tablet – What You Need To Know?

The E-ink tablet is a tablet that you can use to facilitate writing and reading without paper. It comes with a stylus that you can use to write on the screen. This assists in effortless operation. Besides reading and writing, you can store your data inside. This tablet does not work based on LCD or LED technology. This facilitates long reading and writing operations without eye fatigue.

What Makes You Opt for an E-ink Tablet?

There are several features that you can enjoy using the E-ink tablet. Some of the key features are:

Negligible Weight

The E-ink tablet is super lightweight to facilitate convenient carrying anywhere you go. The total weight lies in the range of 390 grams. It isn’t easy for students to carry their bags and books, and the same for professionals. You don’t need to worry about the bulky and high weight of the E-ink tablet. Anyone can take it anywhere without putting in effort and bearing the load.

No Eye Fatigue

The E-ink tablet features an eye fatigue design. The main thing that plays a key role is the zero glare screen. It does not emit or reflect the light. You can continue reading or writing for longer with the same energy. This way, you can focus more on what you are writing, unlike other screens, which feature low visibility when you need to read or write in sunlight. This is not the case with this E-ink tablet. It offers you maximum visibility in high sunlight.

Facilitates Dual Touch

There are two options you can use to interact with the E-ink tablet. One is by using the stylus, and the second is by using the finger. Any way you find convenient, you can use it. The response speed of the interaction is undeniable. You cannot doubt the performance of your E-ink tablet. What you write timelessly appears on the screen with higher accuracy and precision.

Real-Time Collaboration

You can upload your notes to the cloud by using the Wi-Fi. This way, if you are working on a team project, each individual can play their part in tweaking the notes. An option exists to share the content to multiple devices and pass on your opinion.

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