The Popularity and Future of HMS Core


Android is considered to be the most widely used operating system on smartphones. Also, Google Play Services is a critical component of the OS. Huawei Mobile Services or hms core is equally an important component that runs between the mobile applications and operating system. Ideally, this was the Huawei’s response to the US trade ban that resulted in the company losing access to Google Play Store.

HMS Core offers tens of capabilities, each with different functional interfaces. Developers have the option of selecting the right interfaces that suit their requirements and can integrate SDKs into app code for the development of intended function requirements. Developers can use HMS core to develop apps such as:

Huawei Account Kit

This app allows you to sin into other apps without verification or manual login. Quick user authorization allows you to access your information quickly. Moreover, SMS verification allows for the app to input verification codes automatically from the SMS messages.

Game Service

With this service, developers have various development capabilities at their disposal to help them make their games as efficient as possible.

Drive Kit

This allows users to download, upload, and sync files. It also supports app data restoration and storage. The cross-platform capability does support the data interactions between the Android Platform and APIs.

Identity Kit

It offers users the option to input, edit, and check functions before using an app. With direct access, it helps increase management efficiency because of the usage of defined addresses. The good thing about this feature is that it allows users to input and forget their addresses and instead focus on better experiences.

Location Kit

This combines base stations, Wi-Fi, and GPS to provide accurate user locations. Also, Geo-fencing helps set up imaginary boundaries. Activity identification fine-tunes your apps to user activities such as idling, driving, cycling, walking, or running.

Health Kit

Data storage offers a platform for users to keep their health and fitness data. In fact, it offers a range of APIs for reading and writing speed, blood sugar checks, heart rate monitors, and more.

Machine Learning Kit

This allows apps to leverage the proven expertise of Huawei in machine learning to support AI applications in different industries. Some of the examples include text recognition, face detection, tracking, object detection, landmark recognition, and image classification.

Panorama Kit

When you integrate Huawei HMS, your app presents an interactive viewing of cylindrical or spherical images. In this way, users can enjoy the immersive experience.

Analytics Kit

This kit provides a range of preset analytics so that you can have deeper insights into your products, content, and users. As a result, you can have a data-based approach to optimize your apps and market them.

Ads Kit

This kit offers an advertising identifier, and your advertisers can deliver customized ads. In fact, it makes it possible to offer personalized ads for the users and protects their privacy. Also, you can cooperate with the third-party tracking platforms for conversion attribution.

In-App Purchases

This kit gives you the opportunity to implement in-app purchases. It also facilitates app payments. App users can buy different virtual products within the app.

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