Honor Watch ES: The Wearable For The Fitness-Conscious


The Honor Watch ES is Honor’s latest addition to its excellent line of wearables, announced at the IFA 2020. The device comes in three colors: Meteorite Black, Coral Pink, and Icelandic White. It rocks a 1.64-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 456 x 280. It also sports Huawei’s TruSeen 4.0 heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, 4GB internal storage, and 5ATM waterproofing. Here’s our review of this device.

Build Quality

Weighing 21g, the wearable feels so light on the wrist, thanks to its plastic back and frame. The display is larger than most fitness trackers and curves over so slightly to hug your wrist comfortably. The body has one unseeming button on the right side. It’s easy to miss, and you might find yourself fiddling around more to press it.

Although the Honor Watch ES doesn’t offer alternative bands out of the box, its rubber band feels adequate and has enough holes to fit various sizes. There’s also a proprietary charging cable included, so you might want to keep it safe.

Fitness Tracking 

This is where the Honor Watch ES truly shines. It is preloaded with over 90 fitness modes, ranging from running and swimming to dragon boating. It also has a built-in Virtual Coach that guides you through its 12 fitness courses. It shows you diagrams to teach you how to do each exercise, with a timer to buzz you when to stop. During the workout, it tracks all the usual vital signs and puts them into a nifty graph to show your progress.

The Honor Watch ES also has a SpO2 sensor, which allows the device to track your blood oxygen levels. After around 10 seconds, the reading shows up, and above 95% should be considered a healthy number for an adult. Other than this, the Watch ES also tracks sleep, stress levels, and even women’s menstrual cycle.

Other Smartwatch Goodness

The Honor Watch ES has all the basic features of a modern wearable. It has 12 watch faces to choose from, displaying anything from heart rate, battery, weather, to the usual time and date. The device automatically detects if you’re glancing at it as you tilt your wrist, turning its display on once you do.

It can display notifications from apps on your phone, but it doesn’t support replies or reacts. You can also control media playback, but only on Android phones. Battery life is excellent, as well. It is advertised to run ten days on a single charge, although your mileage will vary according to your usage. Fully charging the watch takes around 100 minutes, with half an hour giving you about 70%.


The Honor Watch ES is a solid wearable device, leaning toward the fitness tracking side of things. It also nails down the basics of smartwatches perfectly. With a rich feature set and a price point that undercuts most of the competition, it’s easily an excellent recommendation to anyone who wants to Acheter Honor Watch ES.

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