Ways To Earn Money Without Buying A FIFA Coin


The FIFA coin is a virtual currency for trading on the FIFA Gaming Platform. To build your ideal team, you need to have enough coins to buy players and items for your squad. Many people resort to buying coins as it seems like the easy way out. However, they face the risk of having their accounts banned from playing FIFA games. With these 6 methods, you can earn FIFAcoin without buying them.

Six Ways to Earn without buying coins

  1. Squad Building Challenges (SBC)

SBCs are a set of puzzles designed to help gamers develop their squads while simultaneously understanding the nitty-gritty of the FIFA Gaming system. FIFA offers 7 types of SBCs, ranging from the Basic level SBC to the Advanced level SBC. Gamers can gain different types of player packs at the end of a challenge. To earn from them, you need to have solutions to advanced level SBCs. You can then sell it at the transfer market for a high price. However, you must sell it off while your solution is popular and in demand.

  1. Buying and selling players

You can earn money by buying players from mass bidding and selling them off at a slightly higher rate. At the beginning of a new season, starting teams are created using regular gold cards. You can place a mass bid on these regular gold cards at the transfer market and buy as many players as possible. After that, put them up for sale at a slightly higher rate to earn quickly.

  1. Consider the Timing before Selling Players

With the high bid placed on certain players, you might feel tempted to sell them off immediately. If you have been lucky to get a highly rated player at the season’s opening, you will earn more by selling it when the demand is highest. The prices also increase slightly when the game has been fully released.

  1. Selling Consumables

Consumables consist of chemistry styles, contracts, and position modifiers. These items are designed to help gamers maintain their teams. Sometimes, you can have more consumables than you need. At such times, it is best to sell them to earn extra coins. The Quick Sales Option is a great way to sell consumables.

  1. Using Coin Boosts

Coin boosts are displayed on the player catalog. Gamers can earn up to 1000 additional coins using coin boosts or by completing certain objectives. With the coins they have accumulated from past games, gamers can buy these bonus packets to increase their FIFA coin.

  1. Play Division Rivals and Squad Battles

You can complete the five rival division matches for FIFA to place you in a ranked division. In this division, you can access over 30 matches weekly, qualifying you for rewards when completed. Also, you earn lots of coins for completing placements. For the squad battles, you can play about 40 matches weekly for stacks of coins.


FIFA coins are highly-sought by gamers to achieve the best gaming experience. In a bid to earn coins, most gamers invest wrongly and end up losing. In this article, gamers can learn six legal ways to earn without buying coins.

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