How to gain more viewers on YouTube


As the second-largest social media platform in the world, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that people want to know how to get more viewers on YouTube. It’s a platform that’s used to entertain, educate, and transform people’s lives when others share their knowledge and expertise in any field.

You may be wondering how to get more viewers as a beginner. Some of the easiest ways include buying likes and subscribers to boost your growth rate, or paying for ads to get monetizable traffic, like USA views. But if you want to gain more viewers on YouTube organically, here are the best tips to help you get started.


Let’s get started

How to gain more viewers on YouTube

1. Put up a quality description

Descriptions are super important because they give better information to the viewers and the search engine on what your video entails. This means that someone can judge the content of your video just by reading the description. Great descriptions help to enhance your click-through-rates.

This is why you should put extra care into creating quality video descriptions. You should try to be unique and generic while still trying to aim for short-tail keywords. Attract users with the description and have it optimized with normal SEO.

2. Your thumbnail image should be catchy and optimized

Remember the last time you clicked on a random YouTube video. Why did you click on it? because the thumbnail looked like the video has what you’re looking for, right?

This is why you should focus a lot on your thumbnail image. It can work magic when your video is on organic search listings, recommended video, and social media posts. First of all, use high-quality thumbnail images. People can sense poor-quality images from a mile away. Invest your time in getting good pictures.

Furthermore, it has to be readable and include snippets from the video to make it real.

3. Maximize tags

Tags are very underrated. YouTube video tags help the algorithm to know what your video content is all about and how it’s different from others. When you combine tags with titles and search descriptions, your video content will rank better when searched for.

4. Add transcripts

There has been a long debate about how effective transcripts are in videos. People ask whether it helps viewers relate to the video better. But generally, transcripts help international audiences and disabled people relate to your content better. This will help to boost viewership on YouTube and increase engagement.

However, it’s not certain whether it’s a sustainable method of sustaining or gaining traffic. It’s not a long-term solution because YouTube videos are ranked solely based on behavioral analytics.

5. Invite Guests on your channel

Inviting guests on your channel is a great way of attracting and converting traffic to your page. In this 21st century, you can’t thrive on competition. You can only thrive on collaboration. You must ensure that you work with other like-minds to achieve a common goal.

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