What elements does the Huawei site kit offer?


Huawei is one of the largest companies in the world. It has come a long way from manufacturing phones to creating some of the best services for developers. One of the primary services that the company affords Huawei developers is the Huawei site kit. The Huawei site kit is one of the most preferred services by developers from all over the globe. According to developers who use the site kit, the feature is effortless to apply, and it provides desired results in the shortest amount of time. In this post, we look at some of the main features of the Huawei site kit;

Features of Huawei site kit

The Huawei site kit is trendy among developers. A significant part of its popularity can get attributed to its elements and capabilities. Below are some of the features that it has to offer;

· SEO optimization

This is one of the main features offered by the Huawei site kit. It provides a one-stop solution for SEO optimization. Some of the SEO optimization elements of the Huawei site kit include the fact that it auto-corrects the names of places, landmarks, and keywords as you enter them in the search area. It does the same for addresses of the regions searched for by users. In addition to autocorrecting, the SEO optimization element also helps to provide keywords when searching for locations.

· Location searching

Another common element of the Huawei site kit, like with other types of site kits on the market, is that it allows users to search for locations. The site does provide not only location addresses but also the names and some important details. The details are sourced from comments, blogs, and reviews about the places. An example is the details you find in a restaurant, shop, or landmark when you search for it. The site kit utilizes the current location picked up by an android device’s location to give details of nearby places. It also coordinates of streets and the names of roads.


Another incredible feature of the Huawei site kit is the Multilanguage API. The site kit is designed to feature up to 13 languages from different parts of the world. Some of these languages include English, Arabic, Spanish, German, and French, among others. This means that the site kit allows people from different cultures, who speak a wide range of languages to access and utilize the benefits that the site kit offers in location-related android apps.

· Time zones

Another feature of the site kit is that it provides details like the time zone of the user. The site kit uses a comprehensive database of information (roughly 130 million and above) and details of different countries worldwide to come up with time zone information. The kit works by integrating specific features to adjust to various time zones depending on the location of the users.


Note that the Huawei site kit, like other types of site kits like the one provided by Google cannot be used by users directly. Location-related apps and feature developers apply the site kit. The developers use the site kit to enable their products to provide the elements mentioned above.

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