Differences Between Honor Watch ES And Huawei Watch Fit


The two latest smartwatches which have taken over every wrist are none other than the Honor Watch ES and the Huawei Watch Fit. If you are considering to buy Honor Watch ES or Huawei Watch Fit, this article will help you decide for the smartwatch that suits your desire. The Honor Watch ES is a health/fashion smartwatch. The Huawei Watch Fit is an impressive, sports-oriented smartwatch.

The Differences Between The Honor Watch ES And Huawei Watch Fit

The Huawei Watch Fit and Honor Watch ES have some differences in their component features though they possess similarities. Some of the similar features are:

  • They have a similar interface and design, switching from the circular style. These watches are rectangular screens, rather than the regular square, circular or strip-like designs.
  • Both watches also come with an AMOLED color display of 1.64 inches, 456 x 280 pixels, and they operate with iOS and Android.
  • The two watches also come with a 4 GB of storage space and a built-in storage capacity to store files to play them as you work out.
  • Both Honor Watch ES and Huawei Watch Fit possess the female cycle tracker, animated workout courses, stress and mood monitor, and SpO2 monitor features.
  • They possess animated fitness gestures to aid with correct workout illustrations in your everyday workout.
  • They have a battery life span of about ten days.

Nevertheless, although both watches are almost identical and have some similar attributes, they possess some notable differences that you must know as you intend to buy them.

1. Visual difference

One essential visual difference between the two watches is the red accent on the home button of Honor watch ES. This feature gives the watch an incredibly eye-catchy display.

2. GPS

GPS is a critical distinction between the two watches. The Huawei Watch Fit comes with a built-in GPS vital for outdoor workouts while the Honor Watch ES possesses a connected GPS. This implies that you will need to connect your iOS or Android smartphone to your Honor Watch ES access details of your location. Simultaneously, the inbuilt GPS in Huawei Watch Fit enables you to keep track of your covered distance while exercising without necessarily having to connect to your smartphone.

3. Number of workouts

One other feature that differentiates the two watches is the number of workouts supported by each device. While the Huawei Watch Fit offers 11 expert workout modes with 85 personalized training modes, which accumulates to 96 workout modes, the Honor Watch ES offers ten workout modes with 85 personalized training modes, which sum up to 95 workout modes.


As you choose to buy Honor Watch ES or Huawei Watch Fit smartwatches, you have possessed an excellent accessory to suit your style and mood on any day as it comes with various distinct easy to fit strap color set. These watches will help keep track of your everyday activities. They are well designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle as your automated personal fitness instructor at the wrist. Their customizable interface fits perfectly on your wrist for your everyday use.

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